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Having been established among the monks, this technique extended to the population under the influence of the very monks. In Asia, the spiritual practices are associated to the physical practices. Even today, the service Thai is not only practised, but taught in certain temples.

Nuad Bo-Rarn, traditional of Thailand does not content with molding muscles: he(it) realizes at the same moment the prosperity of the body and the harmonization of the essential networks of energy in the good functioning of organs as in the nervous and emotional relaxation.

Massage Thailandais chez Comme dans une bulle

Another peculiarity is situated in the style and the philosophy of this kind(genre) of session: the donor uses all the resources of the gesture and the movement. His feet, the knees, the elbows participate as much as the hands. The weight of its body stresses certain pressures. This contact with the conductor brings to this one a dimension of implanting and serenity, and contributes to settle in him a feeling of reconnexion in the Univer.


The ayurvédique technique came directly from India, where the sanscrit word Ayurveda ( » Science of the life « ) appoints the traditional Indian medicine. Palpations and pressures, practised on the oiled, body, relax, reduce the strain, and improve the blood circulation.

It consists of pressures on various points ayurvédiques, or Marmas, through whom Prana, breath of life in Sanskrit, moves. At the same moment relaxing and energetics, it allows to relax, to undo muscles, so restoring you all your energy..

Soin Ayurvédique  en chambre d'hôte domaine du chalet - Comme dans une bulle

This technique bases on the idea that our life and our environment influential on our health. He allows to prevent and to manage the stress and the lack of concentration.. It would stimulate the elimination of toxin, would fight against the fatigue, the sleeplessness and the depression and would facilitate the venous traffic.


As ears, our feet reflect our body. They are just like our body according to the Chinese traditional medicine.The manual réflexologie plantaire is based on the existence of zones reflexes situated on and under feet representing all the organs and the parts of the body.

According to the medicine traditional Chinese, the stimulation of these points allows to restore the energy imbalance within the body by simple pressure and massage of these points.

The réflexologie plantaire has immediate effects on the person and gets a profound relaxation and balance.

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